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24-year old Sierra Leonean, Emmanuel, invents a Solar Powered Car

Updated: May 18

The Imagination Solar Car courtesy of Salone Messengers

Electric vehicles have lots of benefits and one African who wants to apply the benefits to other Africans is Emmanuel Alieu Mansaray, a 24 year old student living in Sierra Leone. Emmanuel has single-handedly built a car powered by sunlight and we are celebrating his success in this piece.

A triumph for perseverance

The story of Emmanuel and his solar car, which he has named Imagination is both fascinating and inspiring. He had to overcome multiple obstacles but he persevered.

Emmanuel is a self-taught inventor who had no real financial support from his family for his solar car project. He had to source for the parts from odd sources like trash cans. He also befriended scrapyard owners to be able to get the parts he needed. He further deprived himself by saving the little pocket money he got from his family, which went towards purchase of lamps, horns, cables, etc.

The Imagination solar car

The result is a solar powered car that Emmanuel proudly drives around his neighborhood. The resourceful inventor says the car can cover over 90 kilometers in a day and can travel at 15 miles per hour. The car gets clean, sustainable energy from the solar panels that form the roof, instead of burning hydrocarbon based fuels that could cause pollution.

Courtesy of Perseverance Mondoblog

Emmanuel made sure his car is easily accessible and useable for people with disability. He said about them; “Often, people with disabilities encounter discrimination in public transport, others without their own vehicle hire a driver to be able to move on errands. This is one of the main reason of creating such an initiative in order to make it easy for the movement of the disabilities. Every disabled person can drive without hiring a driver”

All the controls of Emmanuel’s Imagination car are placed on the steering wheel, including the brake and accelerator.

On his choice for going with solar power rather than gas, Emmanuel explained he was concerned about the rising pollution problem his country and the rest of the world is facing. He is aware that even people without disability face a risk when they are exposed to emissions produced by gas powered vehicles.

Not many people understood Emmanuel’s dedication to his solar car project and mocked him, but the young inventor was not deterred.

Emmanuel's plan for the future

With his 3 year project complete, Emmanuel wants to go on inventing things that will help his community but he needs financial support. “My message to people that would want to come on board and help, this is just the beginning. I have a lot of inventions that will solve pressing issues that affect our environment and the country…I’m ready to help, with my innovative ideas, people that are suffering in the rural areas in sectors like electricity, water supply, health care facility, etc. I’m ready to give a helping hand with my innovative ideas.”

We at Afreekha Media hope Emmanuel gets all the help he needs to continue making Africa proud with his inventions, just like Victory, the wonder kid from Nigeria.

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